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The perfect bag for every occasion: Joela's guide to choosing the right bag.

Finding the perfect bag can be a daunting task, as there are numerous styles and options to choose from, which can make you feel uncertain about where to begin. But worry not, we are here to provide guidance! Our comprehensive guide is designed to help you explore Joela's vast collection of bags, enabling you to discover the perfect one for any event or occasion.


When it comes to work bags, you want something that's both stylish and functional. A spacious tote bag like our 'Alani Tote’ is perfect for carrying your laptop, tablet, and other essentials.

With multiple pockets and compartments, it's easy to stay organized throughout the day. Plus, it comes with a Joela keychain and adetachable leather strap.

Another option will be the Selma Bag in powder blue which is perfect for signing the deals.

The Selma Powder blue is made from supple soft calf leather. It has a strap that can be tucked in to make a top handle bag or used as is in a cross body style

Everyday Use

If you're looking for a bag that can be used for everyday purposes, then the Roxanne crossbody bag’ is a great option.

The compact yet spacious design allows you to carry your essentials while still keeping your hands free. The adjustable strap is a versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Another great option will be the JRee hand bag in large. The JRee sustainable hand bag is made from offcuts and leather which is a suitable fit for any outfit.

The layers and multi textures of fabric and leather, gives this bag an interesting look and feel. It has an inner zipper pocket

Special Events

For special events, you want a bag that's elegant and eye-catching. Joela's 'Tessa Clutch’ is the perfect choice for a formal occasion.

The simple yet chic design pairs well with any outfit, while the detachable strap allows for easy carrying. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to match any dress or suit.

Another option will be the 'Reni Box Clutch' which is the perfect owambe accessory.

What’s better than having an african print on a clutch to accentuate our owambe style? This cross body is a must have at parties these days especially if you’re the hostess or friends. The Reni clutch box have a sequinned adire covering with a detachable long chain handle and the joela icon.

Casual Outings

For a casual day out with friends or running errands, a crossbody bag like the 'Olivia Tassel in blue’ is a great option.

The compact design allows you to carry just the essentials, while the adjustable strap allows for comfortable wear. Plus, the stylish leather material elevates any outfit especially with the blue shades they come in.

An alternative piece will be the Sophia Orange.

A beautiful shade of orange that makes you want to carry the Sofia bag every day. There is a new twist with the Sofia Orange bag, we recently introduced a scarf strap.

Date Night

If you're heading out on a date, you want a bag that's both practical and stylish.

The Lipstick Bag is the perfect choice. A conversation starter each and every time. This should be an absolute “pick me up bag” in your wardrobe. Leather bag with gunmetal chain strap and lil bit of fabric.

Weekend Getaway

If you're headed out for a weekend getaway, you'll need a bag that's both spacious and stylish. 'JRee Tote bag’ is the perfect choice.

With its large interior and multiple pockets, it's easy to pack all your essentials for a few days away. Plus, the chic leather design ensures you'll look stylish while traveling.

No matter what the occasion, Joela has a bag that will suit your needs. From work to travel to special events, there's a bag for every occasion. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect bag for your needs. To explore more options, check out our website here

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